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Sahaja Yoga offers free stress management courses to all businesses across the UK run by volunteer tutors.

Our courses aim to teach attendees techniques they can use to reduce stress, increase energy levels and develop greater levels of confidence, clarity of thought and creativity.

Attendees learn how to work more successfully as part of a team in a calm and detached way, as well as how to let go of the pressures of work through a stronger sense of work life balance.

A typical course runs over four weeks and covers the techniques required to maintain the balance and energy levels taught in the course.

During the four week course, attendees learn the basics of Sahaja Yoga techniques including relaxation and practical exercises that they will be able to adopt into their lives as and when they are required.

The course empowers attendees to manage their own stress, satisfaction and confidence levels to name a few. In each program, Sahaja Yoga meditation is explained and the actual experience
of relaxation meditation is provided.

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