Sahaja Yoga recognises that in these modern times it is common for people to be too busy to attend a meditation class to try it for the first time. For this reason, in 2000 we started taking meditation to the streets, shopping malls and fairs around the country.

We were not sure how people would react to to seeing meditation in public places, and it was very much an experiment to see if people would be happy to try it.

One of the first street meditation programmes we ran was in Manchester during the Commonwealth games in 2002. People were not only happy to try the meditation, but we had hundreds of people waiting to try the meditation.

See examples of some of our meditation programmes below:

Meditation on the streets
See how a simple setup of chairs and meditation boards has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people enjoying SY meditation here
Meditation in fairs
See how SY meditation tents have become common place in fairs across the country here
National Yoga Shows
See how SY meditation stands have been a common feature within the national yoga shows for more than five years here


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